Tile and grout cleaning for a pristine look in those hard to reach spaces.

Cleaning grout on a wall or floor tile is probably the type of job you do not look forward to. Tile and grout will gradually accumulate mold, scum, dirt, grime, and all sorts of other unsavory particles if left alone. It is important to clean these spaces with regularity. Our expert cleaning crew is here to make sure your tile and grout look absolutely spectacular.

How Tile and Grout Cleaning is Performed

Our tile and grout cleaning system is one of the most dynamic cleaning systems on the planet. We start by using top quality cleaning solutions and pre-treating the tile and grout lines with this solution. We let it dwell for about 5-10 minutes to suspend the dirt. Then, using our truck mounted system, hand, and edge tools, we turn up the pressure to over 1,000 psi with a neutralizing rinse agent over 300 degrees to thoroughly clean and disinfect your tile and grout properly.

We leave no residue behind, meaning all of the dirt, debris, and cleaning solutions are rinsed out, leaving your tile and grout with a neutral PH level. We do everything in our power to restore your tile and grout, unlike most companies that use a “one size fits all” method, Kingdom Cleaner uses many different surfactants for the best cleaning effectiveness.

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Grout less Tile Cleaning